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xxTransformers Toy Sichtungen in Deutschland!
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xxTransformers Prime Wars Trilogy
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xxTransformers Power of the Primes
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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

New pre orders @ !

Fans Toys Rouge, DX9 Gabriel and Zeta Arc expected to arive soon!

31223912_2125949947419553_664704909848870912_n 31234974_2125949614086253_2160450038302507008_n 31239358_2125949520752929_2730464323867508736_n 31239547_2125950020752879_8321130215489142784_o 31250571_2125949650752916_8308957157185814528_n 31253022_2125949564086258_7006085330524700672_n 31253123_2125949814086233_7506247006721933312_n 31265267_2125949767419571_2721013999951937536_n 31265451_2125949667419581_3236385529733840896_n 31271271_2125949124086302_5490117030730268672_n 31275794_2125949424086272_5700675895451189248_n 31277479_2125949887419559_1923417480500346880_n 31284068_2125949720752909_6085152404192362496_n 31285963_2125950094086205_4566950669864402944_n 31306751_2125949267419621_5187242396647161856_o 31317757_2125949450752936_8854118365384409088_n 31318136_2125949170752964_5817805911380459520_o

Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots New pre orders available @
- MMC R-27SG Black Calidus (limited quantity)
Order here:


Bumblebee The Movie

TF-Real Movies Auf der CinemaCon wurde ein 5 min Clip vom kommenden Bumblebee The Movie gezeigt. Davon haben wir hier eine Zusammenfassung.

An alarm goes off at 8:00 AM. Charlie shuts it off, unhappily waking up. Her room is covered in posters. She rocks out with headphones on while brushing her teeth. In the garage, her car is playing the same song. When she enters, it stops.

A piece of the car hits the floor. She look beneath it. Getting on a board with wheels, she slides under the car. Ultimately, she finds Bee’s face, which lights up in the eyes and stands up above her. She’s shocked. This thing fits in the garage! They have a standoff. Bee stumbles around. She reaches for the door handle but sees he is just stumbling around and scared as he huddles himself into the corner.

She approaches and says, “Hi.” Bee chirps back. He’s still scared and avoiding her in the corner. “Do you speak?: she asks. Bee nods to indicate he does not. He stands up, holding his neck, after seeing the wrench in her hand. He analyzes her hands and comes closer, allowing them to touch his face. He can understand her. “What are you?” she asks. “Where did you come from?” He shies away from answering. He points to her shirt. He is asking who she is. “I’m Charlie,” she tells him. “Charlie Watson, I’m 18 today. Actually, it’s my birthday today. What’s your name?” He shies away, with his ears going down. She rules, “You sound like a little bumblebee.” That’s what she’s going to call him from now on. “Matches your outfit, too,” she says.

Later, clips of Bee running from a helicopter, trucks exploding, Bee playing on the beach, driving Charlie around, and other Transformers cut into the frame. A red and white winged Transformer is fighting him. He uses his arm cannon. He fights fighter jets. Charlie does her best to help him. He lands in a desert


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Power Of The Primes Leader Evolution Optimal Optimus

TF-Generations Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Power Of The Primes Leader Evolution Optimal Optimus.

01-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus 02-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus 03-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus 04-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus 05-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus 06-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Optimal-_Optimus


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Transformers Power Of The Primes Slash

TF-Generations Hier ist die Ankündigung für den Transformers Power Of The Primes Legends Dinobot Slash.

Quelle: Transformers

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

Today's & the last of the listings: Some various stuff, a Neder Botcon pen, Dutch Meeting Exclusive decoy set, Oversized KO Monstructor / Dinoking, EZ clear legends Optimus Prime, Micromaster re-issue Hot Rod, Beast Wars Eggbot lot & a micromaster lot.

check them out:…

31189653_2125864220761459_800291766048653312_o 31225291_2125864184094796_4508054689572454400_o 31253041_2125864027428145_7016230747652489216_o 31271264_2125863880761493_3901517857548140544_n 31277651_2125864404094774_4104303265254998016_o 31286659_2125863980761483_947340202039312384_o 31318321_2125864120761469_3037651882504880128_o

Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots Avaiable for pre order @
- Studio Series 09 Voyager Thundercracker:


Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Calidus Luminus is now available for pre-order and Deluxe Sludge & Snarl are back in stock, get them dinos !

1) Caldius Luminus -…/mastermind-creations-r-27l-ca…

2) Sludge -…/transformers-power-of-the-pri…

31185191_1838058549547666_4337007896182128640_n 31229222_1838059689547552_7254781645113262080_n

Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now @
- MMC R-32 Stray:
- MMC R-30 Nitro:
- Diamond Select Toys Pacific Rim set of 3:

31166310_1688079924573107_8366745392397680640_n 31189931_1688079931239773_7451632657852530688_n 31282233_1688079927906440_2334500186358808576_n

Machinima Power of the Primes Trailer

TF-Allgemein Hier ist der Transformers Power of the Primes Trailer.

Quelle: Machinima

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